She taught me how to look at things different, taught me how to be patient, taught me how not to judge, taught me how to love again. 
Showed me that the past was nothing but a written testament that could be changed, but I don’t know what Im on cause I still want the past.
I feel like I did you wrong, I abandon you, left you with a blank stare, I left your heart with with a empty space that could fit the world in it.
We once had things in common, now seems like common sense doesn’t even make sense.
High off life, high off love, high off the words that we share.
I Lust off life, I Lust for Love, I Lust for the words that we use to share because now the pages are empty.
The lines are blank, the periods are gone, the exclamation marks are now left for the imagination and the questions that was once asked are now left unasked.
I thought I was above you, I thought I didn’t need you, I thought I could just quit you with no rehab.
Now I need you, I need you to console me, I need you to be my spine I can’t stand without you.
I retreated when it got real, I ran when you showed me your most inner feelings about life and what you loved and cared about. 
You kept me away from the game, You kept me away from the streets, You kept me safe, You kept me sane, You kept me whole, You gave me life, You gave me hope to be great.
You watched me walk away, you watch me share my pain and tears to others, but you never gave up on me. 
Now I need you and I don’t know all the write words to say, because all the write words have already been spoken and not written with the best intentions.
I use to get high off you, I use to find relief in you, I use to use you, I use to abuse you and now that I need you, your nowhere yo be found.
I can’t come home until the love of my returns to me and bring me home.
Come back to me, I miss you, Come back to me, I love you, Come back to me, I admit that Im nothing without you.
You was my drug of choice, You was my life, You was my heart and what we have can change the world because we shouldn’t be apart.
So lets rewrite history and marry this pen to this paper until our hearts set fire and burn like wildfire.

Is happiness a Right or Privilege???

Is happiness a Right or Privilege.................................................Think about it for a second, some may say  that its a right and some would say its a privilege but many would say its neither. See happiness is not all about laughing and having fun but happiness can come from a sense of accomplishment or a feeling that comes when you feel your days with what matters to. Each individual control what makes you happy and if you want to be happy or not so to many happiness comes from Choice. 

But then you have a lot of people that are depressed because they think they're supposed to be happy all the time, but to be honest happiness is an occasional thing and I think that if you're happy all the time, then you're never really happy as crazy as it sounds thats truth. Nobody can possible walk around everyday a be totally be happy every single day if they are they are putting on a front. However, Happiness should be something you look forward to, so which means happiness is a Right.

If you choose to be happy and successful, there is a choice you must make first, and second of all, you must educate yourself in this art of creating your happiness. We all have skills and virtues dormant within or inside of our being that need be discovered, cultivated and expressed. Self deception is a choice. This often leads to the appearance of happiness. Besides that, it requires some effort to change your life to really attain true happiness. This has more to do with value realization and goal attainment than a simple "I want to be happy now" choice. 

However, Some people make the best out of every situation and are ultimately happy in life regardless of circumstances. On the other hand some people have the best of everything in the world and are completely miserable because they can't find happiness within themselves. Everyone has the ability to choose their attitude in life and that's what can make you happy or not.

So think about Is happiness a Right or Privilege???? Just Think about it.........

The Ignored Text

Nobody wants to be ignored but it happens everyday and thats life, but what hurts the must is when you get ignored but somebody that you are feeling, want, care about etc... is what gets to you the most. See what happens is you want to believe that they will always respond to your text message that you send them but thats when you are hoping for just to much.

See if somebody ignores your text message 3 times then they really are not feeling you and wants you to stop texting them. And the reason i say 3 is because the 1st ignored text message is always over looked, due to the fact that they might be busy or at work or maybe just didn't see it at the time when you sent it so you kinda like give the a mulligan (REDO). After that 1st ignored text message your pride starts to talking to you (Pride: if this mothafucka ignore my text message 1 more time they going to know about it). But see thats when you start to realize if you really care for somebody because if you get mad when they ignore you that 1st time and you feel some type of way then you have are in way to deep because you for once have realized that you have caught some type of feelings.

When you care about somebody and they don't answer your text the 1st thing you get to think is WTF is they doing which will than change your rational actions into irrational actions, which will make you send a text that you regret sending the second you hit the send button. But when you feeling somebody you forget all the ignored text messages because you are all in and you don't want to accept the rejection unless you are told so you can't get the hint they sending you without telling you. Then they ignore you that 2nd and 3rd time its up to you to fall back not text them unless they text you. Now ways to avoid the temptation of texting them is you could wait till you see them in person text them and watch them (Not on no creep type shit) just to see what they do when you text them if they look at the phone and don't text back they been ignoring you the entire time or simply delete their number out your phone, now I know its a childish thing to do but it works so you don't have to see their name so when they hit you and you hit them with the "Who is this text" they can feel the way you did...(I aint saying I do this but I heard it works)

Don't let the ignored text message effect you if you even if you care, simply fall back it could either be a timing thing or they possibly don't want you.........But after 3 ignored text messages leave them alone

Nobody Wants...Know when enough is ENOUGH

No Male wants a female that chases the spotlight and No Female wants a male groupie. No Male wants a female that lives life thinking that materials are everything and No Female wants a male that think he can buy her heart with material things. No Male wants a female thats been ran through and No Female wants a male with no experience. No Male wants a female that lacks Ambition and No Female wants a male that lacks hustle. See both Male and Female have many wants but not everybody wants to make sacrifices for one another because they fear of one having the upper hand and we our pride and ego will never let us play the back seat.

It comes a time in life where one must grow up and realize that we can't keep doing the same thing over and over. See a lot of people get stuck in the moment of there glory days (The Days when they was THE MAN or The Bitch) that life passes them by because they try to keep living off that moment and they believe they can ride that wave all the way to success, thats when a lot of people forget that who they really are and lose focus of their true purpose.

People never realize when enough is enough, see growth doesn't come with age growth comes mentally and its a lot of people thats aging everyday and every year but they aren't growing mentally so they lack the knowledge of knowing when you have to grow up and stop entertaining kid games and become adult. Don't let your lack you growth hinder you from meeting your true potential, and keep you from being able to truly some love and trust somebody because of fear of not knowing when enough is enough and learning grow mentally and physically.

Nobody wants to change but don't fear change either...just know when enough is ENOUGH...................

Think Like A Man

Think Like A Man

Why is it that females believe that they can think like a man??? Just because you hang around a bunch of men don't mean that you can think like a man that just means you are around a bunch of men. To think like a man is to be a man, and to be a man you really have to not care about a lot of things seriously.

See majority of guys are 20% Brains and 70% Dicks and 10% spontaneous actions. See we have to be real about certain situations here if you women really thought like a man and not to sound like a ass or anything the minute you tell a guy you pregnant you should already came up with the same thought that he would come up with and thats "Get Abortion" and not cause guys don't want to have kids thats just want majority of them 1st thought is "Im making her get a abortion" that simple.

See you can't really say you think like a man when you know that a guy thinks about sex 60% of the time (Its been researched) the 1st thing they experience is morning wood so you know thats the 1st thing on their mind. So if you thought like a man then you would know the proper times you should not go to a man's house if you going to a man's house after 9pm chances are he is just not trying to chill with you he is looking for some type of advancement so be smart about it for once. Another thing if you thought like a man you would know that if you are not somebody's main then you would know how to that once the sex is over its time to get up and leave not cuddle but some of your really don't think like a man y'all just want to believe y'all do.

See what you feel to realize is that men think totally different from women, we get around our friends we talk about different things such as "Would you have sex with Whoopi Goldberg for $1000" or "Aye man guess who I knocked off the other day etc..." random thoughts and actions at different times thats just what men do and ladies that is not what y'all do its not in y'all DNA to do things like that.

So All in All ladies you can't think like a man because you are not a man, there will always be things that men can do that you can't its the life of double standards we live in for example: "A man can sleep with 20 females he is praised" and "A female can sleep with 20 males and she is considered a hoe, slut etc..." stop trying to compete with males in certain areas its just not a good look for you . Thinking like a man will not get you who you want, it will not get you brownie points it will only damage your image oh and last and finally it WILL HAVE YOU LONELY, SAD AND MISERABLE. Stop trying to think like a man and start thinking more like a woman and having respect for yourself thats a better look.

I blame the Social Networks

Ever notice how social networks really ruin a lot of things, well it does just that. Social Networks are never used for what they are supposed to be used for.

I blame social networks for these cyber thugs that go around trolling Facebook and Twitter talking shit to people because they know that 9/10 they are not going to see these people. Finding behind some computer or phone screen popping off acting tough but what happens when you run into those twitter followers or Facebook friends what do you do then?? See the minute you run into one of your social network friends that you was trying to cyber thugging it ain't no blocking, report them as spam you have to have them and when you ain't prepared to do so and you get that ass whipping just Blame the Social networks that you love to entertain so much.

Ever wonder why your relationships don't work on Facebook and Twitter well just think about it??? See people start talking about how good their partner is and how everything is good and thats when the hate starts to come flying in from Subtweets, Dms, @ mentions, to Facebook messages to Statuses. Everybody don't want to see you happy and the minute they find out that your happy they will do anything to make sure that they ruin it. See females on these here social networks will do anything to make a female they or their friends don't like and I mean anything, they will literally have sex with other female man not because they like them but just out of spite and they don't want the next female happy they not. Males always got to worry about another nigga trying to get they girl but they also got to fear them guys that will throw dirt on their name for some p***y. If you care about your relationship keep it off of Twitter and Facebook it will not last long at all. I seriously blame all break ups on Social Networks.

Social networks have made the ones that never had a voice in the class, the one that never was cool, the one that goes to clubs early just to get in free etc... and has given them a voice to where they can speak as if they where important and the minute they reach a number of followers its like you can't tell them nothing at all. Twitter was the greatest creation for people without a voice it gave morons a platform to speak on because it has made them cool I blame the social networks.

So if you ever happen to log in on one of your favorite social network and somebody is has claimed some type of fame or was in relationship or is in some type of gang and its all new to you just Blame it on Social Networks because they are doing great and bad things for people that we never knew about.

Don't Force the Change

Don't waste your time trying to change for the wrong reasons and don't try to change somebody that is not ready to change. Trying to change somebody who doesn't want to change is really a waste of time. Forcing change on somebody will only make them rebel against you or they will change for the worse into something that you really didn't want them to change into. See people don't change because people want them to change they change for themselves. Some people fear change because if they change then it changes their comfort zone which makes them have to adapt to new change and that is what many FEAR.
Nobody doesn't want to be forced out of their comfort zone to be something they don't want to be.

Sometimes a person might change for a person and that's because that person has showed them something that others haven't showed them. However nobody wants to be a conformist and be forced to change, change doesn't come over time it comes with mental growth and many people lack that and that is why you never see them change. You have to accept people for who they are these days the good and the bad, and thats because they have been who they are for their entire life and if they wanted to change or believe they needed to change they would do so.

Ever seen somebody force themselves to change to fit in with people that they don't fit in with and witness the outcome of it??? Its not a good one they might like you for a while until they see the person that you really are then they will stop dealing with you but in the process of you forcing the change to fit in you ran your true friends away now they ain't dealing with you. Never force the change it will never get you where you want to be in the long run it only works for short term goals.

All in All if somebody wants to change they will do it because they want to change not because you force them to do so, people don't change because they believe it will benefit them in the long run. So the minute you people realize that you can't make somebody change to what you want them to be your life will be that much better and stress free...Don't Force the Change but instead Embrace the Change when it happens